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Dunwich dates from Roman times when it was said to be the largest town in East Anglia. It is also claimed that Christianity first made its way to the British Isles through Dunwich with the arrival of St Felix of Burgandy in AD632. He crowned the Saxon Sigebert as King of East Anglia and Sigebert built his palace at Dunwich.

Dunwich reached its peak in the 13th century when it boasted 18 churches and monastries plus 80 sea going vessels. Its demise started in 1328 when a storm saw 400 homes and 3 churches lost to the sea and the port blocked by silting.

Since then the town has slowly been eroded by the sea, with the market place going in the 17th century. Today there are no more than 100 homes, 1 church, 1 pub and a museum, which documents the towns history from Roman times to the present day. (Open April - September; 11.30 - 4.30 daily; Admission: Free) CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE Garretts Longshop Museum

The Vulcan Arms
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